Ready To Ship!

Some of my very first order. I hope they arrive as pretty as they look now!
The felt and jersy flower is a VERY VERY lightly scented sachet.

Holiday Youth Convention…and other things I have missed

Wow, has it really been a whole eleven days since my last “normal” post? It seems like it has been an eternity!
This morning, as I was formulating this post in my mind, I at first told myself I wasn’t going to mention the “H” word. But then I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to do that. I feel like the last week full of hoodie craziness has really opened a new chapter of my life. I have to say that six months ago, I would have NEVER thought I would be able to sew, much less be able to make things for sale! God works in mysterious ways, that’s for sure. This little venture has come at the perfect time, which of course is no surprise to us who know God is always right on time. :) It will be interesting to see where this goes, for sure.
So on to the hoodies… As of this morning, I am done with ALL the orders! whew! I fnished the last one at 2:45 AM. Thanks to a very large cup of coffee, I was able to do it somewhat coheriently. And a big thanks to my mom in law, who came over yesterday and got me going with an assembly line. Since I am such an unexperienced seamstress, this assembly line saved my life!
Here I am somewhere around the midnight hour! My poor eyes are crying out “Sleep, PLEASE!” ha.
I should have all the hoodies shipped out tomorrow, Wednesday by the latest. If you are local, I will work out a time to meet up with you to give you your hoodie. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. :)
And oh yes, I must mention that my dear friend Elisha found some toddler hoodies, so I will have Mini Whimsys in Dark Grey and Mini Brillas in light pink for sale sometime soon. And there are still hoodies for sale on the right margin, but they are moved to the bottom of the page. After all this is “The Adventures of the Miraflor Family”…not “Hoodie Heaven”. ha.
So anyway, things are are getting back to normal around here. The Christmas tree is still up as I write this. Ugh. I will be taking that down today. And I have gobs of laundry to do. In fact, this morning I went to go put a load in the washer and I found I had a load already in there. And then I realized it was the SAME load I had washed TWO times before over the weekend. *sigh*
Please tell me I am not the only one who has done this?!?
And I have to give big huge props to my husband, who came down sick yesterday :(… Through this whole hoodie frenzy, he has actually made dinner several times!! AMAZING feat, I must tell you, especially for someone who finds putting together a PB&J TORTURE!
And speaking of my husband….
This has been a big couple of weeks for him as well. In the last week of Decmenber, he was asked to speak at SoCal’s Holiday Youth Convention. But before I talk about that I want to talk about facebook.
 Maybe some of you have seen this facebook page .  It was started by our good friend David McGovern in hopes of getting Brandon to join fb, which he was, for random reasons, ADAMANTLY against doing. Well, while we were at HYC, Brandon got persuaded to join…and now he is one facebook!!! Big big deal around here. The funny thing is he has gotten back to Twitter as well,  and I have be honest, I wonder what has come over my husband because he is tweeting constantly! Seriously, did someone steal my husband and rewire him or something, cause this is so not him. ha! Anway, if you haven’t befriended Brandon on facebook, go right ahead. He is accepting anyone and anything, literally. He’s having so much fun with that “accept” button. Oh Lordy.
Ok, back to Holiday Youth Convention….
The convention graciously flew Evy and I down with Brandon. Brandon did the YouthWorkers Sessions during the day time, and then Wednesday’s General Day Session. I am so proud of him. He did a FANTASTIC job… no surprise to me, as I know how wonderful he is , hehe, but I was glad that everyone else got to experience it. :) It was such an honor to be there. And it was equally as wonderful to be with many good friends, such as the McGoverns {who hasn’t blogged in forever, what’s up with that David?? :)}, the Browns, the Youngs, the Huzairs, and our new friends the Bockmanns. And of course, it was a high honor to be co-speakers with Wayne Francis and his beautiful wife, Claudene. They and their girls are top notch. Such a privilege to spend some time with them.
Here are a few pictures of HYC…
When we arrived to our hotel, we were put up in an incredible HUGE suite with this out of this world fruit basket!
Brandon speaking to the youth workers…
Brandon speaking during the general day session…
Brandon and his cousin Stephan, who came up with his family from the San Diego area. It was so good to see them and it was their first time meeting Evy. {And yes, she has ear plugs in her ears. Have you been to a youth conference lately? LOUD!}
Rev. Art Hodges, Wayne Francis and Brandon
Evy had her first church tea party with Anevay McGovern. So precious!
Me and Evy on Wednesday Evening
Us…without Jake, again. Someday I will be brave enough to take him to these things. Ha….
Brandon and David McGovern. What great friends the McGoverns are. Thank you to both you and Monique for all you did for us!
And of course, I can’t close without talking a little about my babies. They seriously are the cutest kids on the planet. This past week, Jake has been calling Evy his “husband” and “sweetheart”. He also calls Evy his brother. Apparently I need to help him understand a little more about the female gender, ha! Anyway, the two of them have such a blast together. Last night Jake put his knight helmet on Evy and she laughed and laughed. We have a video of it somewhere if I can find it. Here are my kiddos…this time Evy is the knight.
And please ignore the thread bits on the ground. We will blame that on “you know what”. :)

One More Whimsy!

I have one more Whimsy in Dark Grey in LARGE. The paypal link is up on the right bottom sidebar.
This hoodie is running small so please follow these measurements:
Armpit seam to armpit seam: 20″
Top of zipper to bottom of zipper: 21″
Shoulder seam to wrist: 26″

Thank You!!

Wow! My dear friends, you are AWESOME! I can’t thank you enough! I sold much more than I ever expected today and I am shocked, really, really shocked!!
And the best part about it is that every sale I made came from someone I know…a friend I have either had for years or one that I have made recently. Friends that believe in me and support me. Honestly, I spent a good hour after I put the links up thanking God for you and your friendship. Seriously, my eyes well up when I think about how kind you all have been the last week or so.
Again, thank you, thank you!!
So what am I going to do with this little venture, you ask?
Well, I have to be honest. I have HATED turning my little family blog into a hoodie frenzy. It was a good idea in theory, but I miss talking about my babies and my family, and as I explained here, that is why I started this blog. Thanks to this whole hoodie thing, I haven’t been able to document that Evy said her first two words, “Mama” first a couple of weeks ago and then “Dadda” yesterday. Or that she is getting her two bottom teeth {finally!}. Or that my baby boy is actually starting to listen when I ask him to do things…which means all our discipline is working? ha.
I am also very sick of talking about this on facebook, as I am sure all my facebook friends are sick of hearing about it. hehe.
Anyway, I have decided after getting my feet wet in this that this is something I think I can do and I want to do. I sold today the exact amount I can handle…no surprise there, our God knows all doesn’t He? :) And since I feel good about all of this, and after I discussed it with some people in the etsy world that I respect, Brandon and I sat down and had a big discussion about it and we have decided that it would be the best route for me to open an etsy shop.
WHOOHOO!! :) I am very excited.
I’ve got Brandon working on a logo, which he should have done in the next week or two. Once we get it all worked out I’ll share it with you, probably close to the end of the month, so stay tuned! We shall see where all this takes me.
But until then….
I will keep the paypal links up. I have restocked the black Whimsy and I will also put up the Hoot tonight with a good size range. I will leave the Brilla up until tomorrow, and then I will be taking that link down. Unfortunately I can’t find that polka dot material, so I am going to save what I have for other projects. If you want the Brilla, I would recommend getting it tonight or tomorrow. The Hoot will be $40.
Once I open my shop, the hoodies will run around $55.
So again, thank you my friends. I love you all. This has been such a fun and exciting week. I don’t think I have ever had so many people talking about me as I did this week, ha! At least I hope I haven’t!?! :)
As for me, I am going to In-N-Out for dinner with the family and then a relaxing night SANS SEWING with my precious babies and INCREDIBLE husband! God bless you all! :)


Congrats to Sarah Jones!!
Sarah chose a design that I am not listing today, so I will still have 4 Brillas listed in the sizes posted HERE.
Here is how I will list the hoodies:
2:00PM- I will list the Brillas
2:10 PM- I will list the dark grey Whimsy
2:20PM- I will list the black Whimsy
I have had several people ask how they can purchase 2 at the same time{i.e. through a shopping cart feature} and I don’t have the capabilities to do that, I’m sorry. You will have to purchase each one, and then if you are local I will refund all your shipping later today.
I have had several people contact me regarding larges, as that seems to be the most popular size. As I only have one in each style, I will definitetly sell out of those. I’m sorry! I did go and purchase more hoodies in several sizes for the black whimsy, but I have to check and see if I have more material to make them.
If you are interested in a large in any style and miss out, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do.
As I have not had many inquiries on the other sizes I am sure those will be up for a while and you will have time to get what you want. :)
Please let me know if you have any questions…

And We Have A Winner…..

Please excuse my HORRIBLE appearance as it well into the early morning hours and I had been sewing all day and night. And that whimsy design on the green hoodie, what do you think? Was experimenting with it and I LOVE it!
Anyway….Here’s our winner! :)

And the Whimsy in’s so hard to photo black, I tried to take a better picture but it still didin’t turn out. Let me just say, the black whimsy is STUNNING!

For more information about all of the hoodies that will be listed today at 2PM, PST, please clilck HERE.

Thank you to everyone who entered into the giveaway and gave me such an encouraging response! You guys are awesome!!


The Brilla AND The Whimsy

Due to the fact that I am not able to offer very many Brilla’s, and since I have gotten many email inquiries regarding the the Whimsy, I have decided that on Friday I will offer both designs for sale.I will be listing these designs Friday, January 8th, at 2 PM, PST on the right hand margin of this blog.

**All sizes listed are pending on the giveaway winner. One hoodie will not be available tomorrow depending on what they choose.***

The Brilla
$5.50 shipping fee
Due to the lack of materials, it looks like this will be the last sale for the Brilla.
Named after my sis in law, this was the exact design I made for her, but with a zip up. It has polka dot ruffles along the hood, with coordinating double pocket ruffles, and a felt and jersey flower. It is finished with brightly colored thread, this one is candy apple green.

I have the following sizes avaiable in The Brilla.
{1} X-Large
{1} Large
{1} Medium
{1} Small
I do have an XX large and an X small available, but only have enough material for four hoodies. If you want one of these sizes please email me at immediately and I will  do my best to list that size instead of another. This will be based on a first come first serve basis, and only if I am able.


The Whimsy- dark grey
$5.50 shipping fee
This one I came up when I found this awesome matte jersey knit material. I loved the colors together and I LOVE ruffles- very Anthro. It has brightly colored thread and a 7/8″ grosgrain ribbon as the tie for the hoodie.I have the following sizes available in the dark grey Whimsy:
This particular hoodie is running smaller than the others, please check your measurements carefully.
{1} Large
Armpit seam to armpit seam: 20″
Top of zipper to bottom of zipper: 21″
Shoulder seam to wrist: 26″
{1} Medium
Armpit seam to armpit seam: 18.5″
Top of zipper to bottom of zipper: 21″
Shoulder seam to wrist: 26″

The Whimsy- Black
$5.50 shipping fee
This is the same design as the whimsy in grey but on a black hoodie. The grosgrain ribbon will be a 5/8″ instead of a 7/8″ like the dark grey hoodie.  Sorry this is a really bad picture, it was too dark, I will try to take another one tomorrow in better light…

I have the following sizes in the black Whimsy:
{3} X- Small
{2} Medium
{1} Large
{1} XX-Large

There will be a separate paypal link for each hoodie, which will be directly beneath the picture of each style of hoodie in the right hand margin. I will leave the paypal link up until every hoodie is sold out. I do not know how long this will take. I suspect it will take at least several days, probably weeks, but I can not gaurentee it, especially with the dark grey Whimsy since I have gotten so many inquiries.
So here is what I recommend. If you are a serious buyer, I suggest that you log onto my blog a few minutes before 2PM and keep refreshing my page until you see the link appear and snag the one you want.
A few notes about Paypal:
1. Have an account before you try to buy. Opening an account is at least a five minute process and it could be the five minutes where someone else buys the hoodie you want.
2. If you have an account, know your password. :) That will be the first thing you are required to do before you buy.
3. Make sure your address is correct on paypal. Please do this before you buy, as I will be using Paypal to print labels and the address that is current on paypal will be where your hoodie ships to.
Again, I suspect most of you will have plenty of time to buy the hoodie you want, but I just want to make sure you are prepared if not. :)
Several of you have asked about The Hoot. I will offer that one next, the time depending on how these sell. I will also sell the light grey hoodie with the hearts on it, called The Love. I will probably list that the same time as the Hoot in the next week or two.
Oh yes, many of you have asked for a “custom” hoodie {a hoodie in one of the first designs I did, for example}. I am not 100% certain, but depending on the sale of the other hoodies go, there is a possiblity that I will put up a CUSTOM paypal button. There will be a flat rate /slightly higher price{probably around $60, not including shipping}. The idea will be that I will offer some base color hoodies and you will get to pick a design from this post, as long as I still have the material available. If I do this, it will be in the next week or two.
A note about how the hoodies fit: I recomend that you wear these hoodies fitted. With the embellishments, if you get a looser size, you tend to look a bit “fluffy” {ha!}.  Just my thoughts. And I wear a size small by the way, if that helps any of you gauge your size. I wear a medium in the dark grey Whimsy.If you are local, and you want to pick up the hoodie from me, purchase the hoodie with the shipping cost and then I will refund you the shipping.

And finally, a note about the style of the hoodies…when I made my first hoodie with my mom in law {the lady who has seriously taught me everything about sewing…love her!}, I would make a mistake like not cutting the fabric in a perfect line, etc. I stressed out and told her that I would have to fix it. She kept telling me to leave it, it was the style… and you know what? That is so true. These hoodies have the “not perfect/altered clothing” style going on. Now that I have gotten a little better at sewing, I still purposly leave little mistakes to make it look used and broken in. I am saying all that to say this, when you recieve yours, please understand that any imperfections are the style of the hoodie and were done purposefully. If you are looking for a “perfectly tailored” hoodie, this might not be up your alley. :)

Lastly, please allow 2, perhaps even 3 weeks to recieve your hoodies, especially if the hoodie is being shipped to you. I have all the hoodies pinned, but I am still sewing some of them. I will notify you when I ship the hoodie out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments, or email me.

And if you still haven’t entered into the giveaway, please do so by clicking HERE. You have until tonight at 11:59 PM, PST.

Lastly…EVY IS CRAWLING!!!!!!! whoohoo. She has been creeping for weeks, but tonight she really took off. Oh Lordy, I will have to be on my toes from here on out. :)


Box or Envelope? HELP!

Ok, right about now, I’m pretty sick of hoodies. ha!
Well, I take that back, I love the hoodies, hate all this “How do I get started?” feeling. For example, yesterday I stood in line at the post office trying to figure out how to best ship my goods. The nice lady at the counter was super helpful and patient despite the fact that we had a GIANT line building up behind me. ugh.I was feeling pretty frustrated about the whole thing, but this morning, I cleaned my kitchen {a clean kitchen is EVERYTHING to me!}, tidied up the house, put all the toys away, took a long shower and made myself a cup of Thanksgiving blend {thanks Brilla and Shawn!}. And to top it off my Mom’s coming today. So it’s a good day. Anyway…

Here’s the deal….
Your hoodie will come packaged in a cotton bag with washing instructions and a sachet attached {please let me know if you are allergic to scent}. The bags are supposed to arrive today, so I don’t have a picture of them, sorry. I can ship it using one of two methods.
First, the box. This was my first choice, but no matter how I look at it, thanks to the weight of the hoodie, it will cost $10.70. The good thing about this is its a flat rate and so I can ship at least 2 hoodies at time for this amount.


Second, and not my favorite idea, but really the most economical, is the envelope. The lady promised me that this envelope was very strong and could handle a lot of wear and tear. It will cost around $5.00.


What do you think? How would you like to recieve the hoodies and what are you willing to pay?
Later today I will put up a rather long post on the the Whimsy and the Brilla and all the details about the paypal links that will be going up tomorrow.
And oh yes, my babies. I was sewing away{hence the messy room which is now clean, whoohoo} when I heard Jake with his guitar. I peeked in and found him serendaing his sister. I can’t help but love these kids!

Any adivce you give regarding the postage would be awesome.Thank you!

Well, I’ve Been Persuaded….

Since I have had so many people ask for it, and since I won’t be able to list very many Brillas, I WILL be listing a limited amount of Whimsys on Friday afternoon. I will list two different Whimsys….I have 3 Mediums in a dark grey like this one shown:
This particular hoodie is running a size small, so it is safe to say this Medium is more like a Small
And then I will list a Whimsy in black. I will have a post up sometime tomorrow with all the details and a picture of the black Whimsy. I have a bigger range of sizes in the black, but only ONE large, which seems to be the most popular size.
This hoodie will also be $45, with an extra fee for shipping. Tune in tomorrow for more details.
And don’t forget it isn’t too late to enter into the Giveaway! It ends tomorrow night at 11:59 PM PST, so if you haven’t entered, run on over to HERE. If you blog/tweet/facebook this link, please make sure come back and leave a comment so that I can count you in for an extra entry.
See you all tomorrow!

Oh Dear!

Well, I guess there had to be a bump in the road eventually!
So here it is….
Apparently I miscalculated the polka-dot material for The Brilla, because tonight when I was cutting out my strips for the ruffles I realized I am short. :( Which means that I only have enough material for 5 hoodies, not the original 6 {XS-XXL} I was planning on posting. I must have bought the last yardage because I have called every Joann’s in California and there is none to be found.
And to further complicate things, if the giveaway winner chooses a hoodie with The Brilla design, I will then only have 4 hoodies to sell.
I am looking for an alternate material to use, but in the meantime, I need to know what sizes are the most valuable to list. And I am going to do that by a poll, thanks to the suggestion of my blog friend Jen. If you plan on purchasing a hoodie sometime in the future, please let me know your desired size by participating in the poll on the right hand side of the margin. Directly underneath the poll are the sizes with measurements.
If you plan on purchasing The Brilla this weekend, please let me know what size you are interested in by either leaving a comment or emailing me immediately at As it looks right now, this will be the ONLY sale for The Brilla, and last time I will offer this design.
I will be doing a post with concrete information on The Brilla sometime Thursday and plan to list the hoodies on either Friday night or Saturday. Please keep checking back for more info, or feel free to comment below or email me if you have any questions.
Oh yes, the hoodie will be $45, shipping will be an extra fee.
On a lighter and non- hoodie note….

These two babies…I love them so. This is pretty much what they look like all day long. Rolling around on the floor and laughing and laughing at each other. They are such crack ups and have so much fun together. {I was getting ready to change Evy out of the dirty clothes when they did this, hence the open jammies..hehe}

So much fun that Jake sometimes forgets how fragile she is.

Like tonight, he was pretending he was a knight and decided to fly off the ottoman with his sword and shield. Poor little Evy was sitting below and got a size 11 foot planted into her forehead.

A lot of tears over that one. :(

But she was back to laughing pretty quickly….

And in closing, something for you to laugh at. A week before Christmas Brandon was doing some thrifting and he found a VHS of Mickey’s Christmas Sing a Long. Thinking it would be Christmas carols, he bought it and excitedly put it in for Jake.

Well, it was this instead, and by the time we realized it, Jake was so addicted to it that he has to watch it constantly and knows almost all the words.

One word: ”Funky”. If that doesn’t say early 1990′s, I don’t know what does. HA!