Just a couple of random things that I would like to keep record of. :)

This picture below is actually two pictures. The baby on the right is my neice Emma {my brother Jeff”s daugther} when she was 5 months old. She is now 12. The baby on the left is Evelyn when she was 6 months. When Evy was born, everyone kept saying how much she looked like Emma. My sister in law put these two pictures together to prove it. Amazing, huh?

And my boy….
Yes, that is him on his armoire. He climbed up the bookcase to get something he thought was up there. I heard wimpering from his monitor and ran into the room to find him like this. He was very worried because he couldn’t get down. His words were, “Mommy, I want to hold you!”
And of course, being the good mommy that I am, told him to stay still and not move so I could get the camera. Where is my brain? ha! But I have to admit, its a great keepsake!
And my girl again….
She is cruising! She pulls herself up and sidesteps her way around the ottoman. I am shocked and amazed that she is doing it, but I shouldn’t be too shocked because she is 8 months and Jake was WALKING {unassisted, mind you} by this point. So I am glad she is just cruising, ha!
And lastly, I was given an award!

My friend Jen over at The Life Accounts, who wrote that sweet blog post about my hoodies, gave it to me. It’s called “The Honest Scrap” award. And to be honest {no pun intended, ha!} I’m not really sure how I got it, but I am assuming because I am honest?! hehe…

Anyway, by accepting the award, I am supposed to post 10 interesting things about myself. Well, I posted 25 random things about me in this post, so I figured I could just link to that post and it would do. :)
And I am also supposed to award it to seven other blogs so here they are:
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Ok, a little honestly here {since I did get the honest award!} I just randomly picked people who I thought would do the requirements, so start blogging about those 10 interesting facts people! hehe.

Thanks Jen for the award!! That was so sweet of you.

And lastly, we took pictures of the hoodies today, my logo is done, and my esty shop will be ready to open on Monday, Tuesday at the latest! Yay! Stay tuned because I am doing a giveaway, plus giving a 15% off limited time discount towards everything in my store, to my blog readers only. :)


You Are Not Alone

I learned something when I was very young….women have ups and downs. I’m sure, if you are a girl and reading this, you understand what I mean, no explaination necessary. :)
But, since I seem to confess on my blog often and maintain a brutal streak of honestly, I wanted to write a  note on my feelings of late.
First, the new year has been difficult. There are some changes happening in my small little family. Really, nothting big, but a few changes none the less, and maybe its just me, but changes don’t really bode well with me. I get frustrated, depressed, and weepy. I tend to be a big weeper. ugh.
And during times like this, I start to feel ALONE. Really, really alone. I start feeling like I am the only one who struggles. That I am the only one feeling the way I do. I start getting frustrated with my husband, my kids, my friends, my family. And whether I like to admit it or not, they get the brunt of my frustrations.
Ever been there?
Well, I have. Sorry. I’m not perfect. So shoot me.
Over a span of the last couple of weeks I have been told, by people very close to me, some very hurtful things about myself. Things that I think were meant to help me, but really did just the opposite. Things that I am sure I needed to hear, but I wish I hadn’t. I know {or rather I think?} that when people see you frustrated, they want to give you advice hoping that it will push in one direction or another. But it doesn’t. Because even if their advice is right {and more than likely you had already figured it out on your own}, you often don’t know how to go about doing what they advise, leaving you more frustrated in the end.
I don’t know about you, but all I want to hear is…
“You are not alone, I understand.”
Wow, in that little phrase, a world of help comes, doesn’t it? Because when you hear that someone else understands and doesn’t mind holding your hand while you figure it all out, you feel so much strength. It gives you that room to grope your way through the darkness, maybe stumble a little, all the while that somebody is holding a little flashlight of hope for you.
You are not alone is a powerful phrase.
So yesterday, at Ladies Day, I sat in the back, thanks to my feverish baby that I left at home, and looked around at all the precious ladies there. I wondered, as I watched some of them lead worship and speak, do they EVER feel as frustrated as me? Do they understand? Am I that much of a loser that I can’t seem to…
Pray as long as like
Read my Bible as much as I should
{these are two things I am most frustrated with myself about}
Keep my house clean
Pay my bills on time, despite the fact that we have the money
Remember doctors appointments
Listen to my voicemail and call people back
Be on time, no matter how much I try
Communicate properly
Love unconditionally
Am I the only one, who struggles?
And then the speaker, precious Donna Linville, got up. Oh how I love her! She stood there in the pulpit and laughed. Maybe not what every speaker should do, but she laughed at herself and her mistakes. She told us not to take life so seriously. And then she said what I needed to hear…
 ”You are not alone.”
I sat in the back row and cried {told you, weeper!}. Thank you God. I needed to hear that. I am not the only one. Her simple words made my day and gave the hope that things will get better. That these little bumps in the road are normal and will come and go. And that I will MAKE IT. That’s all I wanted to hear.
So to my wonderful friends who take the time to actually read all my extremely longwinded ramblings- I want you to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  We are in this together. And I hope and pray that someday, if you ever need it, I can speak that simple phrase to you. Not give you endless, unhelpful {althougth maybe intended to be otherwise} advice, but just offer you the grace to struggle and the time to work it out.
And thank you Lord for being there. Ultimately, whether people understand me or not, I know YOU will never LEAVE me or FORSAKE me. As the New Living Translation puts it:
“I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.” Hebrews 13:5
Thank you, Lord, you are my strength.

Change of Plans…

Well, I got approached about possibly selling my hoodies during Ladies Day, Thursday, January 28th during the Landmark Conference that our church puts on.
I debated and debated for two reasons:
1) If I sold at Ladies Day that would mean I would have no inventory to open my shop with on Monday.
2) I really wanted to enjoy the serivices on Thursday.
3) Evy has come down with a little cold. ugh
But after going back and forth about it, and after some volunteer help to run my booth from some precious people {Ashley Gissel and Anisa Ali- you guys are AWESOME!!}, I decided to go for it. It won’t be as I would like it to look as I still don’t have any dress forms to model the hoodies, my business cards are still on order and my clothing labels aren’t here yet. :(
BUT, I think it would be a good opportunity to for some of you to see the hoodies in person and perhaps even buy one! :) So please stop by and visit me, I will be in the south hallway across from the Infant nursery. I will have every hoodie in mostly every size, but one size per style only. I will also have the infant/toddler/kid hoodies available.
I will be offering the hoodies at a SPECIAL RATE for Ladies Day Landmark Morning ONLY.
After that morning, all my hoodies will go back to the regular price and will be listed on etsy, depending on how many I have left. I will keep you all posted as to whether or not my shop will open on Monday.
Here’s my boy, playing with my collection of pedicure supplies. I keep asking him to move away from the hoodies, but he inists on sitting right by me as I sew- he’s so precious.
And what do think about this?
I have been unable to make the Brilla because I ran out of the black and white polka dot jersey knit. I found this red polka this morning. It’s more a pinkish. So now I can make some Brilla’s! :) Which color hoodies would you prefer to see it on?
Hope you all are having a wonderful and blessed week- see many of you tomorrow. Looking forward to the GREAT things God is going to do!

Two Large Whimsys on Sale….

I have two size LARGE Whimsys on sale for $35 each.
I was experimenting several weeks back and they are not perfect, but still very nice. Due to a few imperfections, I will not sell them for the full $45.
I have one black and one green {the same hoodie I use for the Hoot, but with the whimsy design on it}. The green one is a one of a kind. :)
If you are interested, please feel free to email me. awollmer@hotmail.com
Again, they are $35 and shipping will be an extra $6

Coming Soon!!

I am so excited. If all goes as planned, I will have my etsy shop up and running by next Monday or Tuesday!
Here is a little sneak peak at what I will have for women:
And what I will offer for girl infant/toddler {6/9mths-5T} and kids {size S, M}. My “mini” line:
And lastly I will offer two infant/toddler boy hoodies called The Ronnie and The Rubik. I don’t have pictures of them yet.
Sometime this week, weather permitting, my models{ie. my sister in law, my niece and Jake, ha} will be posing for the camera and attempting to get some good shots of the hoodies being worn. I wish my photog friends lived closer {ahem, David and Jenni} !! :)
Oh yes, I only have one hoodie per size, per style. I will see how these sell, if they do well, then I will start up a wholesale account with American Apparel and have more of a selection.

Advice From Mom….

If you have been following along with this blog at all, I’m sure you have heard me say several times that all of these musings are dedicated to my children; that they might have something to read and get to know my thoughts and feelings when they are older and parents themselves.
Well, today, I am going to dispense a little advice to them {and any other young person/non-parent reading that is willing to take it, ha!}. I’m going to do so by putting on my “youth pastor’s wife hat”, so please bear with me. However, as is my typical custom, this adivce will begin with a GREAT Jake story{ugh, I say that tongue in cheek :( }.
So last night we had a sectional youth rally. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our life, Brandon is over a group of churches within a couple of hours from our church who get together quarterly and have youth services. It’s called a “section”. Its a great way for smaller churches to come together and fellowship with other youth ministries. Brandon organizes the services, and any other function that they might have. We have anywhere from 200-500 students who attend these services/functions.
ANYWAY, we had a service last night. This particular serivce was held in Modesto. Normally, I try to get a sitter for at least Jake when we go to these things, because, as usual, I am sitting in the audeince alone, and I don’t want to take away from the students who are there to enjoy the service by asking them to help me with the kids.
BUT, last night my mom in law was out of town, so Mr. Jacob tagged along with us. Oh dear.
We also had a visiting minister from Eureka speaking, John McDonald, who brought his beautiful wife and adorable children. I wanted to make sure they felt welcome, so we sat behind them somewhere in the middle of the church on the right hand side- not my usual back row easy to escape seating. Jake made himself at home by spreading out all the contents of his backpack along the majority of the VERY long pew and on the ground. It looked horrible, but honestly, I’m so over how it all looks as long as he can keep himself occupied. It looked a little like this picture I put up on a previous post:
Anyway, I was feeling a little stressed out because I had both kids, was in a new santucary, and had NO help. UGH. Thankfully, I saw Kristen Mearns, one of our youth leaders, and I asked her if she could sit with us. She did and was INVALUABLE. Honestly, Kristen, I know you probably don’t read this, but thank you thank you. I could not have made it without you!
So Modesto’s youth started out the service with some great worship music, which Jake found oh so entertaining and was jumping up and down like a he had springs on the bottom of his shoes and was waving his little Woody doll along with the music. It was a bit distracting, but again, anything I can I do to keep him occupied is fine by me.
He danced, and clapped and danced and clapped. He was in hyper-heaven. I was happy to stand there and enjoy the worship for once.
We get through the worship, walked down for the offering, which he always loves, and then sat down ready to hear the message. The speaker begins, and Jake was doing marginally ok- besides several occurances of Woody’s string being pulled and hearing a mechanical, “Reach for the sky!” mixed in there, he did just fine.
That is until about 15 minutes into the message.
Something went screwy with Jake and he flipped. He decided to run out of the pew and into the one in front of us. I handed Evy to Kristen, crawled over the students who were sitting there and went to get him. Jake saw me coming and – get this- hurled himself over the pew back to our origninal one.
Yes, you heard me, my child was flipping himself over the pews…DURING the message.
I was mortified. The students sitting around us however, thought it was all hysterical and started cracking up. Which of course triggered the show off in Jake, and made him laugh VERY loudly. Meanwhile, I am sitting in the row in front of him {next to the visiting minister’s wife and their very well behaved children} and can’t get to him…my mind frantically thinking of how I could reach back and get him out of the service as quick as I could before the entire group of students started cracking up over Jake and his antics.
Finally, he sticks one leg under the pew I was sitting on and I saw my chance. I grabbed the leg, dragged him under the pew and out to the aisle. I then hauled him into my arms {mind you, Jake is the size of a very big 4 year old} kicking and screaming while we booked it up the aisle and out into the lobby.
Seriously, this kid never ceases to humble me.
I found a corner in the lobby and made him sit there, while I tried very hard to make out the message through the hallway to the sanctuary. At altar call, I marched Jake back to the pew and planted his little tooshy in the seat and sternly told him sit there. I was {as usual} bummed that I didn’t get to go down and pray with the students who were at down at the altar. But I was not about to leave that little monkey and risk him doing another one of his famous antics.
So I watched the students, while they prayed and worshipped. Some were crying, most had their hands raised, and almost all were singing along with the worship team…arms wrapped around eachother, giving their lives to the Almighty and enjoying such a beautiful time together as students.
And I realized, as I sat there, that these students didn’t understand how lucky they are. How blessed that they don’t have ANYTHING to hold them back from worshipping, from connecting with the Lord. They don’t have kids, or careers, or really anything other than school and who they have crushes on {hehe} to clutter their minds during serivices like this.
And this thinking took me back to my teenage years. How I would be able to pray uninhibedly, without restraints. I would spend time in the Word, have Bible studies with my friends, grow as a Christian. I could stay up all night at the church with other students after youth services like this one and we would encourage each other to grow in Christ.
I created, as a teenager, a spiritual foundation for my life. What a beautiful time.
So here’s my adivce:
Kids, create a spiritual foundation for yourself while you are young. Seek after the Lord, get to know Him, create friendships with other students your age who are hungry for godly things. Students who have a healthy mix of fun and a desire to understand Biblical things and  apply them to their daily living. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your beliefs, be a light, be balanced- but don’t be fake. Don’t let Christianity just become a “culture” to you, but let it become a “lifestyle”. Don’t restrict your lives by digging your nose so deep into the Word that you forget to love those around you and show the world what Jesus’ love was really all about. Be Christlike.
Create a foundation.
Because someday, you will be a parent like me. One who rarely gets to hear the sermons or participate in a serivice. One who has to renew her walk with God daily ON HER OWN. Without help of a touching message or encouraging worship service. One who relies on her spiritual foundation to help her get through life. One who, if she never created a foundation for herself, would have nothing to lean back on during the lonely times, the weeks when she never gets to fellowship with other believers or never even feels God. Those are the times that I sit back and remember and thank God that I dedicated myself as a teenager to Him. That I took the time to stop my busy “teen schedule” and spend some quality time with the Lord in prayer and Bible reading. That I paid the price and built a foundation.
Those times as a teenager bring me through some of the loneliest and most frustrating times as a young parent.
So, Jacob and Evelyn {and any students reading}, don’t be afraid to build a spritual foundation. Don’t be afraid to spend that extra few minutes reading your Bible or praying. Don’t be afraid to be a CHRISTIAN. It will save you when you become a parent.
I love you both so much. Put Jesus first in all you do.
Love, Mom
My little monkey and his Kermit. Today he asked to put on his “swim eyes” and his green crocks to look like his frog. Is he not the most adorable thing ever?
My two monkies…their first bath together. Evy was a little freaked out at how wild Jake was, but I’m sure she will get used to it!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Welcome Jude Everett!…and some stay at home mommy thoughts.

I have to say, I have found being a stay at home mom to one of the loneliest, if not THE loneliest, job I have ever done.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being at home with my precious babies. But sometimes it can really get to you, especially when you have a hyper toddler and never want to leave the house and risk being embarrased in public…so you end up staying there for days at a time. People laugh at me when I ask them to watch my kids for an hour so I can go to Target. Like going to Target isn’t fun or something. But it IS fun. It’s so nice to meander through the aisles ALONE with a latte in hand and just have a few moments of uninterrupted time.
Oh that sounds wonderful right now! ha.
Back to the lonely bit. Very few moms are able to stay home with their kids, especially here in California. I feel very fortunate to be able to do so. However, not working is a huge sacrifice for us- manily financially. There are so many times I would love to go out with the girls, or just take a day for myself, but unless my mom is in town, or my mom in law or sister in law is available to watch the kids, I’m not going.
Do you know how much baby-sisters cost these days? Seriously, its a lot!
Anyway, in order to stay sane you cultivate friendships with other stay at home moms. Many of whom might live in other towns or even other states. I keep in touch with them through facebook or by phone and now by blogging. These moms have been a wonderful source of friendship and comfort to me during my lonely times. I really believe God has planted many of them in my life so we can be a support to each other.
Honestly, I can say this….I wish I reached out to stay at home moms more before I became one. They are completely overlooked, often forgotten. Many times they are stuck at home, crying out to be with people but don’t have the resources to get out, or maybe are embarassed to invite people over because their house is bombed or feel so out of place because they have spit up all over their nice clothes and their hair is hastely done.{can you tell I’ve been there?}
As a pastor’s wife, I have felt especially frustrated. Like this week, our church is participating in a week of prayer and fasting. Since I am breastfeeding, I can’t do much fasting, and since I have the kids, its very hard to make it to the church for a prayer shift. I usually end up doing mine at home during nap time. And tonight is church, which I would love to attend, but Jake has been crying all afternoon for the paci we took away yesterday and fell asleep for his afternoon nap right before it was time to get ready for church.
So again, I will be doing my Bible study time at home. I wish I could go to the church and participate, or perhaps do what I am best at…encourage people. That’s why I am a pastors wife, afterall. But lately, I have focused on encouraging myself and my babies- for they are needing my loving molding and care. That is my first calling right now. That is my #1 ministry. I do love it. It just takes a little shift of thinking.
But when I look into their precious  faces and see their eyes light up when I hug them, pray with them, laugh with them, I know I have done the right thing, lonely or not.
So going back to those moms who I keep in touch with…some of them are so inspiring. I have several very close friends, a few whom I would consider my bestest of friends{they will all appear on my blog at one point or another, so beware friends! :)}. One of them Heidi King. Heidi and I have been close for years, probably almost 15 years or so. In fact, she dated my brother for about 4 of those years, so for a time, we were like sisters. We still are. :)
Heidi and her husband, Chad, pastor The Promise Center, an incredible church in Santa Rosa, where I am from. If you live in the area, you must visit them, they are outstanding people with a beautiful community of saints. I respect and love Heidi for several reasons, but the main being she is a pastor’s wife, just like me, and is doing her best to blend raising two very lively children and the ministry. We have sat on the phone and laughed and cried together about life and our babies. How Jake says he is going to marry Emma Love and how those two are tornadoes of energy that keep us running. We share each other’s burdens, pray for each other and more than anything, we support each other. So wonderful!
Now onto the REAL reason for this post….
{I know, I am so longwinded. sorry}
 Heidi took the plunge and decided to make her world just a tad more hectic. On January 14, she gave birth to baby #3,
Jude Everett King
He is PRECIOUS. I was able to visit them two days later and here are so pictures of my visit.
{And you will notice that Heidi is wearing one of my hoodies- my gift to her! :)}
Holding baby Jude. So tiny!
Heidi’s oldest, Joshua. He is a proud big brother.
Me with Jude, Joshua, and Emma Love, Jake’s “girlfriend.”
Heidi and I, with the new baby, yawning away. Doesn’t Heidi look amazing for less than 48 hrs after birth?!?
Heidi, I love you and your family and thank God for your friendship! Thank you for taking the first step and having #3. Now I will get to watch you and see if I want to do it! hehe.
Welcome Baby Jude. The Miraflors love you!

Three Years Ago…..

I can’t believe it, but it’s true…
3 years ago yesterday, on January 18th, 2007, the Lord blessed me with my baby boy.
Jacob Brandon Wollmer Miraflor
I will never forget that day.
Or the moment I first met him…

He was born at 2:15 PM, weighed 6lbs 6ozs and was 20.5 inches long.
Long and skinny with big hands and big feet.
And he had LOTS of hair, but none of it was in the front like it was supposed to be. My Dad joked that Jake inherited his hairline. I was not impressed.
But I still loved him…

Eventually, Jake’s hair grew in… it took a while. Now he has lots of it, so much that I feel we are getting haircuts monthly. And he is still long and skinny with big feet and big hands. A nice big growing boy.

He makes my heart smile everytime I look at him.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful, fun-loving boy.
Mommy is so proud of you.

This year we had two parties, one with the Wollmer family in Santa Rosa and then the other with the Miraflors in Stockton.
Wollmer Family Birthday Party
Sunday, January 17th
Santa Rosa, CA

Precious Evy…
He was sooo excited about the ice cream cake Mumsy got for him…
Smiling like the “choo-choo”
Blowing out his candles…
Crazy Cake Cousins…
Posing by a couple of his gifts…
Brookie and Emma teaching Evy how to walk

Can NOT get over his Cars book from the Douglas’. SO VERY EXCITED!

Awesome knight hood from the Uncle Jeff and Auntie Lia and cousins.
Uncle Brad gave Jake his first Buzz Lightyear. Jake literally has not put that thing down. He’s slept with it the last 2 nights.
The last present was a random one from Gramps {not surprising}. It was a regifted flight hat with Mickey ears. Go figure?! Anyway, Jake wasn’t really impressed, but Uncle Jeff thought it was cool!
Miraflor Family Birthday Party
Monday, January 18
Stockton, CA
Singing to Jake…
Jake and his cupcake..
Thanks to Grandpa, Jake had 2 cupcakes. This was the second one and right before he went completely wacky with a sugar high. Poor guy.
Precious cousin Maddie was trying to keep up with him on the second cupcake. Lucky for her she doesn’t have the appetite of a hyper little boy. She gave up and Auntie Brooke took it home for later. :)
Jake and Maddie. Cousins pretending to be firemen. We think? We couldn’t quite figure out what they were trying to be, but whatever it was, it so cute.
Jake got a Woody and “baby Buzz and slinky dog” {his words} from Auntie Alisha, Uncle Josh and Baby Jude. Woody also slept with Jake last night, right next to Buzz. :)
Shaving kit from Auntie Bryony and Uncle David. Wish they could have been with us! :(
Brandon and I have been promising Jake two things for his 3rd birthday.
1. A football…
2. And a skateboard. He was so excited about the skateboard that this is the ONLY clear picture I could get of him with it. Doing the little skate tricks he watches the high schoolers do. :)

We love you Jake! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!
And thank you to everyone who joined in and made so many wonderful memories with us. We love and apprieciate you all.

Blogging Friends…and Husband?!?

Well, I must say, this blogging world has definitely opened up a whole new batch of wonderful friendships for me. Like facebook, it has been a great way for me to be able to keep in touch with friends from far {and some near!} that I’m not able to see very much, some hardly never! But unlike facebook, blogging gives you the opportunity to meet new friends, converse with people freely and get longer snippets of their life rather than little updates here and there.
One of those “new” friends I have met is Jen. We met on my very favorite baby shoes blog, Mia Joie. Even though Jen doesn’t have any kids yet, she has an excellent eye for a good thing when she sees it which explains her love for MJ. :) Jen’s good eye, however, does not seem to just be for kids shoes though, because she is doing an excellent giveaway on her blog of some FABULOUS items:
A signed Pioneer Woman Cookbook {Which, I don’t know where I have been, but I am just becoming aware of how cool the Pioneer Woman items REALLY are! :)}
Some incredible spices ….
A beautiful apron
And, my personal favorite because it matches my own collection, a couple Le Creuset items…
All you have to do to enter is follow the instructions on her blog by clicking HERE
Anybody and everybody is welcome to enter. I know she would be honored to have you join on in.
Also, she wrote such a sweet blog about my hoodies HERE. You should check that out as well. That was so kind and thoughtful of her! :)
Thanks Jen for the incredible giveaway!
I also want mention a couple of my good friends who have started up blogs recently. I LOVE that I am not the minority blogging anymore. :) It’s so great to have some of my old buddies here with me. If you haven’t already, you should check them out…
SoShawna Graymy good friend who has had a blog for a while, but has just STARTED updating it, ha! :)
Kassie Dutton – who has had a blog since before me, but you should go check her out anyway. :)
Pam Douglas- My sister. If you have teenagers and need someone to walk through life with, you need to read her blog.  I keep telling her she has to write all this teen stuff down so I can read it when my kids get there! :)
Ok, but here is the most exciting news of all!! If you read this post, you found out that Brandon so bravely joined facebook. What I didn’t mention is this….
Yes, you heard me. My husband….who has form-a-phobia {yes, its thats a real phobia, BTW}, and whose emails to me when we were dating looked like this:
See you at 3.
Love you too.
{And that was in response to my several page ramblings, I might add. It’s a wonder I didn’t break up with him.}
Anyway, he has felt persuaded to start a youth ministry blog. It is called “The Uprising” and you can visit it by clicking HERE. Please leave a comment and let him know how proud you are that he has branched out of his 3 sentence writing cap.
Ok, so that’s it for me and my promoting today. I will be accepting forms of payment via paypal… haha.
I hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous weekend!


A couple of days ago, after spending the last several months feeding Evy from the Bumbo seat, Brandon pulled out the highchair from the garage. It was there for several reasons, but the main two being:

1. Jake stopped sitting in it when he turned 18 months old. I got tired of turning around to grab something from the fridge only to find my son’s legs fully extended over the tray and his body scaling down the side of the highchair. The thought of him falling and cracking open his skull, or worse, hanging himself from the seatbelt that never seemed to work, caused me great anxiety so we introducted the booster seat. The kid is Houdini, no joke.
2. The tray was loose, and since nobody was using it, it was in the way.
So last week I told Brandon we MUST pull that bad boy out, wash it down and fix the tray. Since Evy is ready for some solids, I couldn’t handle the Bumbo anymore. And apparently I have another Houdini on my hands because Evy flips herself out of that thing anyway. Oh Lordy.
Anyway, the other night Brandon brought the highchair in. He fixed the tray and then proceeded to fix the seatbelt as well. I’m not even sure Houdini could get out of this thing now. ha.
Jake was so excited to see his old chair. He climbed right in and then proceeded to call himself “Evy, his baby brother”. {He’s so stuck on that!} I love this boy…
PLEASE ignore the hoodie you-know-what behind him. That has been my little work space the last couple of weeks and its BOMBED.
Anway, all this highchair stuff got me thinking about how quickly life passes you by. It seems like just yesterday he was just a little bambino eating from that highchair.
And then…
the sprained foot.
Yes, Jake sprained his foot on Monday. I really have no idea how he did it, but I have a feeling it was from one of the hurling himself off our bed episodes. He has many of those.
So all evening Monday, and most of Tuesday morning Jake was limping. I called the Dr Tuesday and they got us right in. I was terrified it was broken, and just a couple days before his 3rd birthday too. Oh brother.
Furthermore, I was so not in the mood to go to the doctor. Taking Jake to the doctor is NOT FUN. They have this play structure thing in the waiting room….WHY DO THEY DO THAT? Don’t they know that when they call his name that he is NOT going to want to come? And then mommy {me} is going to have to drag him, kicking and screaming, out from his hiding spot underneath the slide, and I will be completely humiliated as he is wiggling out of my arms, belting out, “Mommy, NO, I want to play, I’m not having the doctor!”
And then… we will have to walk a few feet to the scale which he is supposed to stand on, but instead he will throw himself on the ground in a limp heap and refuse to get weighed.
And then…when the nurse will try to take his temp he is going to push the thermometer away and scream “No! I don’t want my temperature taken!” and start kicking the patient bed with his feet.
And I am always embarassed, frustrated, and- more than anything- TIRED of it. I NEVER want to take Jake to the doctor…can you blame me?
So I braced myself for the worst as we drove down March Lane for our appointment. The entire way I kept saying things like…
“Ok, now when the nice lady calls, “Jacob”, you have to come from the play structure and walk to the scale, ok?”
“If you are a good boy and do what the Dr and nurse ask you to do, they will give you a sticker and a candypop at the end. And then Mommy will take you to In-N-Out for a cheeseburger and fries!” 
{Sorry, but a little bribery never hurts right?}
Jake said: “Ok, Mommy!” I heard: “No way will that ever happen.” ha
So we get into the Drs and Jake starts to play. I wait nervously. The nurse calls, “Jacob” and…..
Jacob COMES!! He smiles and says, “Hi, I’m Jacob” and then walks- brace yourselves….STRAIGHT TO THE SCALE and stands very still while the nurse weighs him. The nurse was shocked. I about passed out.
Then Jake proceeds to follow the nurse to the room, walks in, jumps up on the bed, LAYS DOWN, offers his underarm for the temp, and SITS STILL WITHOUT SAYING A WORD while he gets his temp taken.
All the while I’m wondering where my child went?!?
The appointment ended with the sticker{and no asking for a second one!}, a candypop {what Jake calls Lollypops}, a cheeseburger, and one very blown away mommy.
As we were driving home, I started thinking about seasons. About the highchair and how he grew out of it so quickly, and about how several months ago my child was seriously in his terrible twos…so bad that I never had the guts to take him anywhere. And how all of sudden the last couple of weeks he is actually LISTENING and doing what we ask. He is changing. It’s getting better.
My mind went to Solomon’s “To everything there is a season”, and I cried. I realized that life has its ebbs and flows and that the frustration with life’s bumps in the road does not last forever, despite the feeling we get that it will. I praised God that He does not allow us stay miserable, that we go through frustrating times to make us stronger, and to make us thankful for the good times, when they come.
So right there in the car I thanked God for the seasons of life. And for my baby boy. And for the understanding that seasons make us stronger.
And that I am so glad that we have them.
“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1
My two beautiful babies, watching “Up” and holding hands. Aren’t they precious?