All About Me- 2009 Version

Almost one year ago, I recieved a tag from several friends on facebook to write “25 Random Things About Me”. I remember at the time that I was pregnant, tired, and so not interested and doing it, but since I kept getting tagged, I spent several hours thinking up “random” stuff about me.

It was hard!
But it was soooo good to get out!
I remember finishing and going back over my “random things”….and thinking, wow, I guess #2 or #3, etc., really did mean a lot to me for me to write it down.
Anyway, the last several months I have been thinking about those answers. I realized, that since this blog is dedicated to my children, it would be good for them to see how much I change over the years. So…
 …at end of every year, I plan on re-writing my “25 Random Things About Me” list. Some things will change yearly, and some will never change, but I think it would be interesting for them see my progression in life. Soooo…
25 Random Things About Me
1. My entire house is white, cabinets, counters, furniture slipcovers, etc. People freak out when they come over but they don’t realize that white is BLEACHABLE people!! Sooo kid friendly!
2. My engagement ring is a heirloom from my Nannie, Lavina Wollmer. She and my Gramps enjoyed 67 years of marriage. What a wonderful heritage to pass on! I am honored to wear it.
3. Since my husband didn’t have to buy me an engagement ring, he bought me a wedding band from Tiffany’s. I am a firm believer that everyone needs a blue box experience at least once in their life.
3. I LOVE to laugh. For some reason I see things from a funny angle and always find myself laughing over the craziest things. Laughter has really become my greatest form of medicine.
4. We lived in Carnelian Bay, on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe my second grade year. After being snowed in more times than I would like to admit, I developed a small dislike for snow. :)
5. My husband skydives. When I got pregnant I made him stop. Am I a horrible person??
6. In case it wasn’t obvious by the previous, I would never skydive, nor do I have the desire to do anything extreme that would put my life in danger!!
7. I love to cook. I own tons of cookbooks and I read them for fun. When I am stressed, I cook. {Which explains why I am NOT 80 lbs, despite the large amount of running around after my kids that I do. *sigh*}
8. My very first car was a black Geo Storm. It got stolen my freshman year of college.
9. I come from a long line of financial genuises. Unfortunately I did not inherit that gene, so I work very hard to be good with my money.
10. Due to #9, money used to be my biggest worry. I am so thankful to say that over the last several years I have learned that God will always take care of you. He has never forgotten us and things always work out in our favor. (Mattew 6 is my motto) God is so good!
11. I met my husband when I was 16 and he was 12! I can honestly say he was the LAST person I thought I would ever marry. God works in mysterious ways! :) I got the BEST ONE ladies!
12. My style icon is/was Caroline Bessette Kennedy. She made the slick back bun look so in. All of us bun people need to be eternally grateful.
13. My dad is a pilot. I spent most of my childhood in a plane.
14. I hate it when people talk to you with their sunglasses on. You can read a person by their eyes, so what are they hiding?
15. My house is never as clean as I would like it. I have a little munchkin who seems to undo all the tiding up I accomplish.
16. I was in love with Toby Mac as a teenager. I find it very funny that my son idolizes him and his favorite CD to listen to is Alive and Transported. He can literally quote the entire CD.
17. I call my mom everyday, sometimes several times a day. She is a great mother.
18. Lately I have been consumed by compassion. I don’t know if it’s the mom in me, but I can feel people’s hurt and pain. When people cry, I cry with them. Sometimes I feel so silly about this, and angry at myself that I get caught up in other people’s problems and lives. I just can’t seem to help myself.
19. My beautiful baby girl was due on May 11, 2009- my birthday. Thankfully she came 6 days early, May 5, 2009, so now we both have our own birthdays. :)
20. My husband is my best friend. We can spend hours talking about nothing. Every day that I get to spend with him is wonderful.
21. I used to love to talk on the phone. Now however, my life is so hectic, that I am almost embarassed to call people. Usually they will hear screaming and crying in the background and have to put up with my thoughts being sidetracked every 5 mins. Really, at this stage in my life, I feel so less social and so much more focused on getting my kids to behave.
22. I love candles- but not colored candles. They have to be pale gold, cream or white and have a citrus or flower scent. If you never know what to get me, you will be safe with a candle. And Trapp Candles are my favorite, just a little FYI! ha
23. I am a slob in comparison to my husband. His side of the closet is COLOR COORDINATED. It makes me feel like such a loser!! My lack of organizational skills is one of my biggests beefs with myself.
24. My baby boy Jacob and my precious girl, Evelyn, are the joys of my life. You never understand a mother’s love until you actually become one. I would give my life for them.
25. Jesus is my all. He is so patient with me and loves me for who I am. I have made so many mistakes over the years, but He has always been right there to pick me up. I can’t imagine life without Him.

Me…the year we lived in Tahoe, 1983-1984 ish, with my Cabbage Patch doll and some random tank that my mom put me?!? Ok, Wendy’s!

So, my dear friends and readers, here’s how this works….

I know I have many people who read this blog that I don’t know very well, or maybe I don’t know at all…and even the ones who I know very well…you have been tagged! I want to know more about you, so please do the following:

1. Do a blog post with “25 Random Things About You”, and if I don’t subscribe to your blog, email me} and let me know, or leave a comment below.

2. If you don’t blog {which seems to be most of my friends}- email me with your answers…OR this might be a good time to start a blog. :)

3. And if you are really brave, do your 25 Random Things in the comment area below.

Looking forward to reading about you all…


Wollmer Family Vacation 2009

So where have I been the last week? Well….

Five years ago, this past Novemeber, Brandon and I spent 10 wonderful honeymoon days in Walt Disney World, in Florida. How we ended up spending our honeymoon there is a long story, but we swear it was the best thing we could have ever done… SO MUCH FUN!!! 

Here we are on the Disney Boardwalk, five years ago:

For the last couple years, my parents have taken all of us Wollmer kids, and our families, on a vacation sometime in December as our Christmas gift. This year, to everyone’s excitement, they flew us all to Florida and treated us to a week at the Disney World Resorts. It was awesome- all decorated for Christmas!

Brandon and I five years later {2009} at Epcot’s Canda Exhibit:

Not too bad for five years and two kids later, huh? :) {And yes, I am still addicted to pashminas and scarves…}

This was also Jake’s first plane ride, EVER {Evy flew with us to Nashville in July}. We were a little nervous how he would do on two flights that equaled 6-7 hours total. Despite a couple breakdowns, he did pretty well.

Here he is on take-off from Sacramento airport, on our way to FL, with all 14 family members cheering him on…

Once we arrived, the Disney bus picked us up and took us to the Yacht Club Resort, the same place we stayed on our honeymoon. INCREDIBLE hotel, can’t say enough about it.

The back enterance of the hotel:

The lighthouse and pier. This is where you catch boats to Epcot, Hollywood Studios {formerly the MGM Studios}, and the Boardwalk.

The view from our room. To the right is Disney’s Boardwalk Hotel and to the left is the Boardwalk which is complete with candy shops and boardwalk fair type booths.

Well, I took over 300 pictures!! And that was nothing compared to my sister {who has an awesome camera}- she took over 700! So I will try not to bore you with too many of them…

but here’s a *few* … :)

We left our house at 4 AM on Monday morning. This was Jake. He stayed asleep while we dressed him and laid just like this until we had to carry him out the door. He did wake up though for the plane ride which he was so excited about!

My niece Brookie, Brandon and Jake at the dinosaur play area at Animal Kingdom. Jake loved learning about dinosaurs! {And that leash lasted all of a couple hours, BTW}
My nieces Emma, Brooke and Brittany with Jake on the boat that takes us to the Boardwalk.
My brother Brad, who came all the way from London to be with us, and Jake out on the Boardwalk.
Jake picking out his Mickey ears in the Magic Kingdom park.
Ok, these gloves were the first thing he saw after he picked out his ears. He threw a complete fit when we passed the kiosk and WOULD NOT give it up. We finally told him if we bought those gloves that they would be the only thing he got. He stopped crying and agreed. Gramps went and bought them for him.
Well let me tell you, these gloves were GLUED to Jake’s hands, literally. He didn’t take them off for the entire trip and they are black with dirt. He didn’t even ask for anything else. He LOVES those gloves.
Good buy, I guess!

Jake meeting Buzz Lightyear, with the gloves, of course.
Brandon and Jake taking their picture by the sword in the stone…again, with gloves.
Meeting Mickey and Minnie….
with gloves.
And gloves again, on the Monorail going back to the hotel.

Eating an Italian lunch in Italy at Epcot and seeing that he can’t eat with them, minus gloves. The food was so yummy!!
In China, these child Chinese acrobats were INCREDIBLE. This girl was tossing this ceramic vase around with her feet…
And if the vase wasn’t enough…she went for the table.
Eating in China with my sister, Pammy and her husband, Dave.
Jake and my nephew, Brandon, getting on the ride Test Track.
Doing an excited jig about meeting Pluto…
And the gloves reappear to meet Donald… {note the black hands}
Meeting Goofy…
Jake was so excited to see that Goofy had the same gloves as him.
Finding Nemo…and the gloves.
Daddy, Jake {and the gloves} in Bruce’s mouth. Jake’s a bit terrified.

Me and my precious boy with “the other shark”…can’t remember his name??
Oh yes, and gloves…
My boys in the rain. It POURED and POURED. No joke. We about died. So not prepared for that.
But the gloves made it through the storm…thank God.
My neice, Brooke, feeding Evy breakfast. Oh my beautiful girl, she was sooo very easy, hardly ever cried and hung in there the entire trip. She lounged in her stroller and smiled at everyone. Such a sweatheart. I love her!
And she looks like such a Wollmer in this picture… I can’t get over her Wollmer coloring!
Oh yes, I can’t say enough about how helpful my nieces were with Evy. This picture is an excellent example of how on top of it these girls are with their baby cousin. Thank you, girls!
Epcot has a wonderful exploratorium type area for kids. This fire engine was the # 1 hit for Jake. We could not tear him away.
Me showing Jake what number the fire engine was…
On December 5, my brother’s son, Andrew, turned 14. Wow, 14!! Where has time gone?
Anyway, we ate in France that night…here are the waiters singing in French to Andrew….
and Andrew being a typical teen and taking a picture of it! :)
Brandon caught this picture of French exhibit at Epcot. So beautiful.
The kiddie pool at our hotel. There is real sand at the bottom. Jake LOVED it…his cousins took him and played with him that little area. He is so spoiled.
You know…
this trip was so fun. However, I have to say, dragging a 2, almost 3, year old {who is right smack in the midst of his terrible 2′s I might add} on a trip to a different time zone with GOBS of stimulus is ….
We had so many tantrums we lost count. Honestly, we wanted to pull our hair out most of the trip.
But something is so wonderful about being with family.
When Jake threw himself on the ground and his body went limp whenever anyone tried to pick him up….
my family stuck in there with me. And when people would ask if the little boy was with us…my family proudly said yes.
Thank you Wollmers….
Thank you Mom and Dad, for taking us and making sure we were all taken care of, and thank you to my brothers and sisters who worked so hard on all the planning and made sure we all had a great time. I am so proud of you and glad to call you my family. There is nothing better than spending time with you and I will cherish every moment.
Moments like this sweet one…my brother Jeff holding my Evelyn on the plane ride home. Could anything be sweeter?
Or moments like this one…where we are ALL together, and despite the trouble it took for all of us to get there and be together, I am so glad we did it. What a beautiful family.

Thank you, God, for my family. I have been so blessed. I couldn’t have asked for better people to call my relatives. Family is about sticking together, and I am so glad we have all stuck in there.
I love you guys!