10K Dash- Are You Our Friend On Facebook?

Are you a fan of Evy’s Tree on Facebook? If not, you should be..we have lots and lots of fun over there, but we’re about to have more fun!

We are going to do our best to have our facebook page reach 10,000 fans by the beginning of the year! I know that is a HUGE lofty goal, yet I feel its doable… BUT I need your help. Can you help us? There is something in it for you, I promise!

It will be called the 10K Dash…every day I am going to post on our facebook wall a new Evy’s Tree picture like this one:

And all you have to do is click the little share button below the picture, like this:

You can share as many times as you like, and you don’t have to come back and say you did because…

Every thousand that we reach we will have a HUGE 4 hour long sale!! That means, once we reach 6,000 fans, I will set aside an entire afternoon for you to shop at prices near 30, 40 or 50% off!! And we will do the same for 7,000, then 8,000, then 9,000 and 10,000!! But in order to reach this goal, we HAVE to all work together…

So can you help? Share Evy’s Tree daily with your Facebook friends!

Much love and thanks! xoxo

3 thoughts on “10K Dash- Are You Our Friend On Facebook?

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    Valerie Smith says:

    Yeah!!! Love your items ambling sales!!!

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    These templates seem awesome. We have a fantastic idea for an individual of them.

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